Totally Unique

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Low Pallet Tables

When coupled with our comfy rag rugs - our low pallet tables make for a perfect picnic setup. Strong enough to sit on and perfect to sit around. Each table can easily fit up to 12 people for nibbles and wine in a forest on a sunny sping day.


Standing Trestles 

Over on the left of the photo (handsome Danny is available on request). The trestle (and Danny) can hold a lot of food if you wanted to put on a sharing table for your event. Each table is standing height, and 2.4m long.



Always great for framing a backdrop for that perfect photo. We are happy to supply a custom logo, hashtag, or flowers with our bookings.

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Pallet Booths & Dry Bars

Great as a dj booth or as a place to serve drinks. For larger orders like conferences or showcases - contact us for a bulk order of custom booths.



Custom built for you...

If you need it, we are happy to build it! In order for us to grow, we are taking every opportunity to invest back into our company. If we don't have a piece of furniture which suits the job, we are happy to build it!