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I'm Ryley Tennyson...

... director of Tennyson Events and I've run hundreds of events for thousands of people over the last 15 years.

You might know my voice from the Drive show on Fresh927, or you could have seen me standing behind the equipment at one of thousands of gigs I've played.

I'm passionate about creating environments which make guests feel something. From spinning vinyl at weddings and birthdays, to event managing daytime winery parties, to programming entertainment and promotions for venues, to mixing music for fireworks displays - I have done it all!


What we do


Weddings & Functions

Whether it be a backyard wedding with a soloist and dj, or a thumping warehouse 21st birthday - we have done it all. We can curate the perfect environment for whatever you need.


Djs, Equipment & Performers

Straight up djs, classic vinyl sets, and hosting - we do this week in and week out. Or maybe you want unique - like a dj and sax player, ora dj and opera singer (Yes we do that!).

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Event Management

The biggest hotel groups in Adelaide trust us to provide weekly musical offerings at their venues. From a once off performer, to a completely turn-key solution involving marketing and promotions - we have the skills.

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Hire Furniture

We have a wide rage of handmade pallet furniture to cater for any event. Our low pallet tables with rugs are perfect for a sunny day out, match them with a bar and your whole event is covered. If we don't have it, we can build it.



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With 15 years of events experiences there isn't much we haven't done...

...sweaty nightclub shows, day time winery parties, backyard weddings and warehouse birthdays. We can organise everything; marketing, tickets, performers, drinks, decor, and sound.

We work with you to concept the brand. We then take that concept to our designers to build the what your customers will see. Post-launch we use target advertising, traditional and online, to spread the word. On the day of the event we manage all stakeholders to curate the perfect environment down to the last detail; photographers, videographers, security, musicians, furnishing, styling, and more. Post-event we can provide databases of clients, social media reports, video and photo content.


Club & Warehouse parties

We cut our teeth running clubs and the occasional warehouse party. From branding and marketing of shows, and curating line ups. To facilitating warehouse parties for external stakeholders. 

We have run so many, but our favourite by far was TrappedADL. 3 years of club shows and a massive warehouse party. A passion project with our partner Dylan Sanders, our shows utilised multiple Adelaide nightclubs, and toured both Australian and International artists. 



Day Club

Our current focus is Day Club, a series of day time events in iconic South Australian locations. As the event has grown we've been able to focus more on the great talents and produce coming out of our state. Day Club is run in collaboration with our event's partner Dylan Sanders. 

Our 2015/16 season featured music from Motez, SA Producer of the year 2015/2016 and Flamingo, Robert Stigwood Fellows 2016. Our 2016/17 season expanded to McLaren Vale where we raised $4500 for the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre. The sold out event was held at Alpha Box & Dice, in collaboration with Motez, and with support from Novatech, and Fresh927.

djs & performers


And here is where I talk about our roster. But we don't have one. The only permanent member of the team is the owner Ryley Tennyson - which is fantastic! This is because we go and seek out a performer based on your requirements. Events are not a cookie cutter business, and your music shouldn't be either.


Djs and more...

If you are looking for a way to make your background music stand out from the crowd, why not add an instrumentalist into the mix. Percussion works great with funk or Sax works great perfectly with jazz.

Unique Equipment



Imported from America - these replica cygnet phonograph horns are paired with modern turntables. Boxes are hand built and available in both pallet wood and walnut to match the environment. Pictured here atop a branded LED lectern at opening for the new Adelaide Convention Centre East Wing. 

IMG_5293 2.JPG

The Bike


The bike has just been completed so no pretty photos yet. A custom built rack by Wholegrain studio using wood from the old Streaky Bay Jetty.

The set up is perfect for street parties, out of the box wedding ceremonies, or any place where you wouldn't expect to see a dj spinning vinyl.